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Khejurer Gurer Payesh
It’s one of the oldest and most authentic desserts of Bengal.
Aam Kheer (Mango Pudding)
Bengalis are highly obsessed with desserts. Every Bengali meal is incomplete without an authentic dessert. Today we will be preparing “Aam Kheer”, an indispensable Bengali dessert for scorching summer.
Karaisutir kachuri
Indian homemakers are no less than unsung war heroes with the warlike situationhad to face every morning in their kitchens. Keeping in mind everyone's choice of food, health sometimes things become really hard to combine everything and serve the table while trying to please all members. So here we bring you the recipe of green peas rolled into amazingly tasty poories or Indian flatbreads called 'koraishutir kochuri' in Bangla.
Pepe Shukto
A Bengali cook is said to be a complete cook judging by the taste of his or her shukto preparation.
Mug Daler Khichuri
This particular recipe is very popular among the Bengali’s cousins; is often prepared during special occasion and offer as “Prasad” to Maa Durga.
Lal Shak Bhaja Bori diye
It is considered to be a part of daily meal with rice, dal accompanied by another items.
Kumro Fuler Bora
Kumro fuler bora or Pumpkin Blossoms Pate is one of the most popular and traditional fritters in West Bengal.
Dhokar Dalna
It is a pure veg dish made-up of lightly spiced lentil cakes or dhoka fried and then simmered in a gravy , spiced with cumin and coriander.
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Bengalis are highly obsessed with desserts. Every Bengali meal is More
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