Chingri diye Potoler...

Pointed gourd stuffed with prawn is not very commonly cooked in  day to day Bengali kitchen.

Chingri Bhapa

The smell and taste of mustard oil in the steamed prawn mesmerises every Bengali individual and hence fills his or her eyes with tears of joy and...

Mocha Chingri

It is a very healthy yet an extremely tasty preparation.

Jhinga Chingrir Bati...

Jhinge Chingrir  Bati Chorchori is a classic Bengali dish where prawns are simmered with a mix of jhinga kucho(Chopped ridge gourd).

Chingri Macher Lalima

Chingri macher lalima is not a very common dish, the main attraction of this particular preparation is its dark red colour and the tangy taste, which...

Pui Chingri

Today we gonna prepare one more mouth- watering recipe named ‘Pui Chingri’, one more champion recipe from Bengali cuisine.


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