Pepe Shukto

A Bengali cook is said to be a complete cook judging by the taste of his or her shukto preparation.

Paat saag

Among the different preparations of saag-saag er bora is one of the most special ones..

Kumro Fuler Bora

Kumro fuler bora or Pumpkin Blossoms Pate is one of the most popular and traditional fritters in West Bengal.

Chal Kumro Shorshe Bahar

Chal Kumro and Shorshe both are integral part of Bengali cuisine.

Potoler Dorma

“Potoler Dorma” is one such recipe native in Jessore, Bangladesh, but has attained equal prominence in India.

Bnadha kopir (Cabbage)...

Tired of serving same old recipes? Wanna try out something delicious and spicy?? Bnadhakopir Kofta curry can be the best offering to your loved ones....


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