Chal Kumro Shorshe Bahar

when a traditional dish comes out of a combination of both,Bengalis find it very difficul to resist themselves!

Ranga Aloo Shukto

Shukto is considered to be a very special dish in any and almost every Bengali family-and thus,is often included in the Bengali menu as the core item...

Lal Shak Bhaja Bori diye

It is considered to be a part of daily meal with rice, dal accompanied by another items.

Plastic Chutney

“Plastic chutney” is one such recipe that can soothe every mood and temperament.

Dhokar Dalna

It is a pure veg dish made-up of lightly spiced lentil cakes or dhoka fried and then simmered in a gravy , spiced with cumin and coriander.

Kumro Die Puishaag...

Bengali cuisine is incomplete without chorchori. Most significant of them is kumro die puishaak chorchori. Lets see how a single recipe can change the...

Kumror Chokka

Unlike all other cuisines, only Bengali cuisine have an extravaganza of having side dishes. Today we are going to prepare a dish which is not only...

Chhanar Dalna

Vegetarians often wail about their food choices. Dearth of options is no more a reason to wail for. This time we bring you a finger licking delicacy...

Ol’ er Dalna

Tired of having your regular jhol bhat? Try something delicious and healthy as well and that too without footing bills of hotels and restaurants. Its...

Lau Ghonto

It is one of the most favourite dishes of Bengal. A popular ingredient in any Indian household bottle gourd is very helpful in regulating blood...


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