Amish Kolai Dal

Kalai er Dal is a dal made of split white (skin removed) Urad Dal and is very famous in Bengali cuisine.

Mushur Dal er Bora

Irrespective of the various cultures of India, it is a very common dish. Yet this particular item is made typically of the well-known Bengali style.

Mug Daler Khichuri

This particular recipe is very popular among the Bengali’s cousins; is often prepared during special occasion and offer as “Prasad” to Maa Durga.

Cholar Dal Narkel diye

This authentic Bengali recipe is an important part of Bengali wedding fests and festive occasions.

Aam Daal

Have you ever tested lentil with mango??? It sounds kind of bizarre that lentil will taste sour…but trust me AAM DAAL is a very old Bengali recipe &...


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