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Fish Caldine
Goan Fish Caldine is a light yellow curry, usually made with fish, but some people make it with prawns or vegetables as well. This popular Goan curry that everyone loves, is made with coconut milk so it’s not very spicy but mildly sweet.
Chicken Vindaloo
Chicken Vindaloo is perhaps the most well known and iconic curry from Goa. Although this curry appears fiery, authentic Goan Vindaloo is actually mildly spicy and tangy.
Fish Ambot Tik
There are a few recipes native to Goa that are a favourite there but not well known outside the state. One such dish is the Portuguese inspired delicious Ambot Tik curry. Ambot tik is a Konkani term meaning sour and spicy. The sour element comes from vinegar and tamarind and the spice comes from chillies. You can also make this curry using mackerel, shark, squid and prawns.
Pomfret Curry
Pomfret is a delicacy which is the pride of Goan cuisine and you can find many recipes that revolve around it. The delicate flavour of pomfret goes very well with coconut and the light green colour of this curry comes from using coriander leaves in making the masala.
Chilli Prawns
Goan Chili prawns is a very quick and easy stir fry traditional snack dish from Goa. In most of the Goan homes this is eaten as a snack anytime of the day. This made with small sized prawns, but you could substitute it with squid or calamari as well.
Chicken Xacuti
Chicken xacuti is a very popular curry from the Konkan coast in Goa. Xacuti is a unique recipe used for chicken and lamb preparations and consists of coconut, poppy seeds and Kashmiri chillies. The word Xacuti originates from the Portuguese word Chacuti. This tangy and spicy curry goes well with freshly baked bread known as Pao or even with some steamed rice.
Prawn Rissoles
Rissoles are breaded pastries stuffed with a filling of prawns or shrimp in white sauce and then deep fried. These snacks are very unique and popular because of their half-moon shape.
Goan Prawns Pulao
Goan Prawn Pulao is a lightly spiced, aromatic preparation of rice and fresh prawns. The lovely flavour of the seafood is enhanced with the use of prawn stock to cook the rice. This pulao is light yet nutritious and quite filling. It is really easy to prepare and uses everyday ingredients.
Chicken Caferal
Chicken cafreal is the equivalent of Portuguese style grilled chicken and the sauce it is marinated in tastes a lot like the famous Peri-peri sauce. This is one of the iconic chicken dishes of Goa, enjoyed by all.
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