5 Veg Fried Rice Recipes

Indo- Chinese cuisine is a combination of Chinese dishes with Indian spices and techniques with all viggies to make it colourful. Indo-Chinese fried rice recipes are popular fried rice in the world. These mouth-watering fried dishes you can make every weekend. Give it a try!

1.    Babycorn and Black pepper Fried Rice

A very popular Chinese dish, fried rice is not only loved by the Chinese, but many people world over. There are several ways to make it, some like it with chicken, prawns or vegetables.

Baby corn, colored capsicum, soya sauce, spring onions and spices are tossed on high heat with rice and generously sprinkled with pepper powder and vinegar to make a lipsmacking rice dish.

2.    Pineapple Fried Rice

A very famous Chinese preparation is a fried rice. You can also give a twist adding some pineapples!

Come, let's learn how to make some delicious and flavourful pineapple fried rice. It is interesting and best served with tomato sauce or ketchup.

3.    Burnt Garlic Rice

Don't go by the name it's not actually not cause any kind of harm. It's really tasty and quick meal recipe. Burnt garlic rice is one such recipe which has strong flavours of garlic.

Roasting the garlic till brown gives this rice preparation its unique flavour. Try now this fried rice with a twist!

4.    Sprouts Fried Rice

It is easy, filling, healthy and delicious fried rice recipe. The best thing about this fried rice is we don't need any side dish or even sauce along with this fried rice, try just as it is and there are high changes you will love it.

You will like this sprouts fried rice without any sauce or ketchup, as crunchy sprouts add good texture and taste to this recipe.

5.    Ginger Capsicum Fried Rice

The monsoon is here and I would like to eat something spicy and hot. This rice is combination of ginger, garlic, capsicum and some sauces with rice.

This fried rice is a must try for all Indo-Chinese food lovers. This has the amazing aroma of ginger and garlic. Super easy and quick to make!

Happy Cooking!



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