5 Most Delicious Continental Dessert Recipes

Whether you crave sweet, pudding, decadent or healthy, we have five best continental dessert recipes to satisfy your taste buds. so now finish your meal on a sweet note.

1.    Trifle Fruit Pudding

Trifle is a delicious dessert usually made by layering fruit cake, custard, and fruits. Try this super easy recipe for Trifle Pudding that you can make in less than 15 minutes!

Next time you’re having dinner guests and just can’t find the time to make an elaborate dessert, this one can save the day! Oh by the way, did I say it’s so easy that even kids can make it? Take a look!

2.    Tutti Frutti Cake

How many of us love to bake? I guess all of the do, but many of us do no how to bake perfect one. Today I’ll show you for starter and learners a very easy and simply and yet delicious tutti frutti cake.

The tutti frutti cake is super soft, spongy and fragrant cake that is quick and easy to make in your kitchen for kids or even for an evening tea snack

3.    Carrot Cake

Carrots are seen as something boring and healthy right. I'm not fond of this vegetable myself but there is a dessert gaining popularity in our country in cafe's and bakeries and in almost all the cities. Today I'll show you how to make carrot cake.

Try this classic cake recipe, and you’ll make it in every special day!

4.    Strawberry and Apple Crumble

Crumbles are rustic cousins of elegant, dainty pies. They are much simpler to assemble and consist of a fruit layer topped with a crispy streusel layer.

The combination of fruits can vary and today I am making my favourite green apple and strawberry crumble.

5.    Walnut Brownies

The brownie is one of America’s most favourite baked treats. The brownie got its name from its dark brown color and there are many different variations of this dish.

If you are craving browniers then you must try this Walnut Brownie recipe!

Happy Cooking!


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