5 Popular fish recipes from Bengali Cusine

Bengali cuisine is known for its subtle flavours. So here we bring the collection of authentic and mouth-watering Bengali recipes, easy to cook and taste that you cannot resist. So what are you waiting for? Check out these recipes!
1.    Bhetki Machher Paturi

Bengalis are the biggest fish lovers; it’s a regular dish in their cuisine. There are many ways to cook fishes, among them Bhetki Machher Paturi or Bhetki steamed wrap is a unique dish. It gives a different flavor to the tongue since all the ingredients are steamed with spices like mustard, poppy paste etc.

Bhetki fish itself a very tasty fish…altogether it’s an awesome dish… You should definitely try this tasty mouth watering recipe!

2.    Rui Posto

Rui Posto a combination of Bengali's two favorites - fish and Posto (poppy seeds). Today's recipe is called Rui Posto, a fish preparation with Rohu (a sweet water fish) and posto.

Bengalis' love for posto (or poppy seeds) has no boundaries. Poppy seed or Posto is a significant spice in almost all the Bengali kitchens in West Bengal. Bengalis can make and eat and love anything with Posto … be it vegetables, fish, egg or even chicken. 

3.    Sorshe Ilish
We all know Hilsa is not only a Bengali’s national fish but it has such a mind-blowing aroma that any recipe of it wins everyone’s heart and Sorshe Ilish is one of them. It’s a common dish but it should be cooked very carefully thus all the spices blend properly & enhance the taste of hilsa itself.

If the deadly combination of green chilli ,mustard powder & mustard oil brings tears in your eyes…and attacks your central nervous system directly…then the preparation is worth it…so don’t delay, check out the recipe asap!

4.    Catla Petir Kalia

Catla macher kalia or Catla fish gravy reminds of Bengali's big fat wedding. Ask why? because even till date catla fish kalia is one of the favourite item in almost all wedding parties.

The deep fried fish with real hard skin spiced up with onions, garam masala and oodles of mustard oil gives an amazing taste to the dish. The delectable catla petir kalia will make you drool.

5.    Machher Keema

Chicken keema or mutton keema is a very common recipe served with chapati or parantha, but have you ever tasted Fish keema?? If yes then you must have known that sometimes it tastes better than chicken kima, if no… then the recipe is only for you as follows.

Macher keema tastes extremely tasty as a side dish with dal and rice. Try now!

Happy Cooking!

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