5 Popular Prawns Recipes from Bengali Cusine

Bengalis are food lovers and Bengali cuisine is incomplete without its variety of fish recipes. Prawns or chingri is one of most famous dishes, So here we bring the collection of authentic and mouth-watering Bengali prawns recipes. Check out these tasty recipes!
1.    Chingrir Malaikar

Chingri macher malaikari or Prawn Curry is a signature Bengali dish. It is very famous and popular Bengali recipe serve with rice or pulao for lunch or dinner on special occasions.

It is so delicious that you want to run  try this out right now instead of reading this up. So don’t delay, check out the recipe asap!

2.    Chingri Bhapa
Chingri Bhapa is a very well known Bengali item. This preparation is very easily cooked and quite less time taking. Chingri Bhapa is a very healthy dish, and as its name suggests-it is basically cooked in steam.

The smell and taste of mustard oil in the steamed prawn mesmerises every Bengali individual and hence fills his or her eyes with tears of joy and nostalgia. 

3.    Mocha Chingri

Mocha is very well known vegetable in Bengal. But it is usually made as a vegetarian dish. Hence mocha chingri is therefore clubbing of banana flower with prawn and making it a non- veg item.

It is a very healthy yet  extremely tasty preparation...so don’t delay, check out the recipe asap!

4.    Chingri Lalima

Chingri macher lalima is not a very common dish, the main attraction of this particular preparation is its dark red colour, that gives off a tangy taste.

Therefore, this dish is basically a rainbow of taste. Showing off a beautiful red colour.

5.    Lau Chingri

Lau chingri is Bengali’s one of the favorite dish served with steamed rice. it is such a recipe which together unveils the  delicate taste of bottle gourd & enhances the fragrance of prawns…it is cooked with less spices…but tastes really awesome!

It has been in the list of Bengali’s most wanted food for many years...& I think you would like to maintain the tradition... So don’t delay… Go through the recipe, show your mom or mother in law that who is better in the kitchen.

Happy Cooking!

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