5 Best Tamil Special Snacks Recipes

We bring you awesome authentic Tamil snacks recipes to make your evening great! Easy and quick recipes for your weekend evenings!
1.    Takkalai Dosai

A dosa with a twist. Also known as tomato dosa, this is a nice twist of taste for dosa lovers. If served with coconut chutney or ginger chutney this Dosa tastes awesome and people can't stop for asking for more.  

It is also healthy mix of carbs and protein. It tastes best with coconut chutney. 

2.    Mysore Bonda

Bonda is made up of fermenated batter of maida. This is the most common breakfast in south india. Accompanied with coconut chutney, allam chutney or even dipped in sambar. 

This awesome dish tickles you when you eat it hot. A must try can be taken as snack or breakfast.

3.    Baked Potatoes with Broccoli and Red Peppers
Potatoes are a tremendous food choice during pre-pregnancy period where a woman need to increace their intake of folic acid and iron. The skin of the potato is  rich in folic acid. Washing the potato thrice and cooking without peeeling off the skin has a great advantage of not losing folic acid.

Broccoli too is an awesome source of folic acid. It also provides rich fibre. So is there any reason to miss this fantastic dish?

Mouth watering and  unique style of preparation of Raw banana from Tamil Nadu region. It is very easy to prepare. This instant raw banana dish is great for eating with rice or chapathi or even phulka.

It is also rich in nutrition and fiber which helps in relieving constipation. So, try this healthy snacks this weekend!

5.    Valapoo Vada
Unique preparation with banana flower from the land of chettiars. Banana flower has lot of medicinal values . The combination of channa dal and banana flower offers a great taste and unique flavor. 

So what are you waiting for try the unique flavour of Valapoo Vada!    

Happy Cooking!


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