5 Delicious Pancake Recipes

Serve breakfast to the whole family with these ultimate pancake recipes. Our easy pancake recipe will help you whip up this weekend favorite in less than 30 minutes. You can make these pancakes as often as you like, as they are very easy and delicious!

1.    Triple Chocolate Pancake

There is one thing in common with most kids…they LOVE pancakes but chocolate pancakes are even nicer! Here is a homemade chocolate pancake recipe for you to try.

Simple ingredients, fabulous taste and texture! A must try can be taken as breakfast!

2.    Butter Milk Pancakes
Nothing beats the taste of buttermilk in pancakes. Buttermilk pancakes is everyone's favourite treat for a lazy weekend breakfast.  Fluffy and delicate, all these pancakes need is butter and maple syrup to make any morning decidedly decadent.

this is the perfect breakfast you want to have everyday!!

3.    Apple and Oats Pancakes

Pancakes are enjoyed the world over every morning, so why don’t we make them even better with the addition of fruit. These nutritious and wholesome pancakes are a great way to start your day. 

A healthy and tasty breakfast of apple and oats pancakes. So is there any reason to miss this fantastic dish?

4.    Spring Onion Pancakes

A spring onion pancake is a Chinese savoury breakfast or anytime snack. Chewy, flaky, and savory, these are pan fried flat breads that have been stuffed with just the right amount of spring onions greens and served with a flavourful dipping sauce. 

Unlike the Western pancakes, these are made from dough instead of batter, very much like the Indian paranthas.

5.    Alle Belle - Goan Coconut and Jaggery Pancakes
Alle Belle are traditional Goan Pancakes that are close to crepes in texture and filled with sweetened coconut. This dish is very popular in Goa as a tea time delight. These pancakes can either be savory or sweet. Enjoy these melt in the mouth sweet Goan pancakes with your friends over tea.  

You saw how simple and quick they were to prepare! Tea time cannot get any better than this- enjoying Alle Belle the traditional Goan way!     

Happy Cooking!

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