5 Delicious Soup Recipes

Serve a big bowl of hearty, warming soup to your kids afterall soup recipes are nutritious. These Soup Menu is filled with creamy, savory and hearty soups prepared fresh daily!

1.    French Onion Soup
It is elemental in its goodness. It is made of just a few basic things like onion, mustard sauce and cheese. Yet it transcends those simple building blocks to become such a deeply dark and flavorful dish.

The history of this soup date packed with Romanian times. It’s a French cuisine soup which has become popular in USA.

2.    Chicken Clear Soup

There is nothing like snuggling up with a steaming hot bowl of soup especially when you’re down with flu. While there are many broths which require many ingredients, this chicken clear soup can be made with the ingredients you have in your kitchen.

You can also add vegetables of your choice to give this soup a twist!!

3.    Sweet Corn Soup

If there is soup that is universally liked, then it has to be Chinese Sweet Corn soup.  Sweet corn soup is a pale gold velvety broth made with creamed corn flavoured with garlic and spring onions and speckled with hints of carrots, beans and cabbage.

A healthy and tasty breakfast. So is there any reason to miss this fantastic dish?

4.    Lemon Pepper Soup
The history of soup is as old as the history of cooking. There’s nothing like a good bowl of veg soup. This soup is the simplest of all soups. It is one of the most soothing and rejuvenating soups that anyone could have.  

A fantastic soup with a kick and a whoosh of lemon, go head try it now!

5.    Cream of Mushroom Soup
Cream of Mushroom soup is a delicious creamy soup which is made using mushrooms along with salt, nutmeg and milk as main ingredient. Make sure you serve this with garlic bread sticks as it will be a perfect combination.   

Cream of Mushroom Soup is quite a heavy soup and can be a meal all by itself!     

Happy Cooking!


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