5 Most Popular Chutney Recipes

Are you thinking what to eat with paratha, or dosa? We bring you some tasty chutney to add spark to your food! Check out some amazing and mouth watering Chutney. Here we go!
1.    Tomato and Garlic Chutney
Here we will learn how to make tomato chutney within few minutes. This is very simple tomato chutney with garlic flavor. It is so versatile that it goes well with almost many breakfast items like roti, idli, dosa, chapatti, paratha and pongal!

This quick and mouth-watering recipe can also be used as spread for sandwich.

2.    Onion and Raw Mango Chutney
Onion and raw mango chutney, a typical Maharashtrian chutney that is usually made in summer as the raw mangoes are abundantly available in that season. There are lots of ways to prepare raw mango chutney, like raw mango with coconut or raw mango with peanuts etc.  

Here we are seeing a recipe of raw mango with onion. The bitter taste of raw mango along with onion, garlic and jaggery tastes yummy with any main dish.

3.    Amraar Chutney

Nothing savour our taste buds more than a bowl of tangy, delicious chutney. Bengalis boast of their indigenous style of making chutneys. Today’s recipe is Amraar Chutney. Here we go

Easy to make and tasty to eat!

4.    Plastic Chutney
Cooking for lot of people is really a tedious job. Often it comes with several faux pas. Today we are going to talk about one such dish which can really be a game changer when it comes to culinary faux pas. “Plastic chutney” is one such recipe that can soothe every mood and temperament.

A single serving of this recipe can save your face if you are not acquainted with cooking!

5.    Sutta Kathrikkai Chutney
A unique recipe from Tamil Nadu region which can be served as accompaniment for idli, roti and rice. This brinjal chutney has fine taste that tantalizes your tongue and makes you ask for more.

Brinjal had good fiber and also rich in iron. Try this recipe now now!

Happy Cooking!


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