5 Most Delicious Monsoon Special Recipes

What the one thing you would like to do when it's raining out side? Yes! hot tea or coffee with snacks! As monsoons are all about craving, the monsoons recipes are usually spicy and crispy. Try these monsoon special recipes to make your day joyful!

1.    Onion Pakoda
Who does not like to have something spicy and fried in the evenings? We generally end up going outside and buying something unhealthy to eat during this time. Onion Pakoda is an evening snack which is made from besan and onions.

This recipe is quick in preparation, easy in cooking, delicious in serving and healthy in eating. This amazing snacks goes well with mint or coriander chutney or tomato ketchup.

2.    Bhetki Machher Chop
If we start up making a list of Bengali-snacks it will be never ending, but the main thing to be taken into account is how much variety it has. Talking about variety first thing which comes in our mind is Bhetki macher chop or fish chop.

It’s not only used as snacks but you can also serve it with lunch or dinner or also can be used as a delightful starter or compliment to any soft drinks.

3.     Keerai Vadai

Fried foods are known to be dangerous for our health and fitness. It is not a sin of we are eating it right with the right amount of health quotient. Keerai vadai can be prepared with urad or chana daal and is healthier than any other alternative. It is the most popular tea time snack known to Southern Indians.  

If you want to try something different than the usual vada or idli, this recipe will surely make you grin. When you soak the daal, your kids would realize that an interesting vadai is coming their way.

4.    Pav Bhaji 

Pav Bhaji is a popular Mumbai street food. This is a spicy blend of vegetables in tomato gravy served with pav that is cooked with butter.

It is a quick snack available on every street corner in Maharashtra. Easy to make and tasty to eat!

5.    Goli Baje

Goli Baje is one of the popular snack in South Karnataka. It is also known as Mangalore Bajji. Bisi Bisi Goli baje is a default snack in all Mangalore Hotels during evening tea time. Goli Baje is soft elastic and easy to make.  

Having bisi bisi  Nale Raje Goli baje are the popular lines hummed by most of the Mangaloreans when a holiday was declared. If tomorrow is a holiday, feast with Goli Baje.  

Happy Cooking!



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