5 Easy Make Summer Special Recipes

When Summer rolls in, all we need is cool collection of easy, breezy, sunny recipes! Summer provides the freshest fruits and vegetables so why not make use of it? Make some amazing food that will refresh you and slake your thirst!

1.    Kairi Ka Jaljeera
 As summer rolls, make this kairi jaljeera to beat the hot summer. Kairi ka jaljeera is one such famous Rajasthani drinks which is not only useful to slake your thirst but is also effective during heat strokes.  

Finally the mango season is here and this recipe will make summer cooler for you!

2.    Mango Mastani Drink
Once the Summers set in, the only thing that makes me bear the heat are the knowing that the mango season is very close. This delicious recipe will make your day cool. Mastani is nothing but a thick milk shake with ice cream.

This is treat to the mango lovers to try something different this summer!

3.    Aam Kheer
Bengalis are highly obsessed with desserts. Every Bengali meal is incomplete without an authentic dessert. Today we will be preparing “Aam Kheer”, an indispensable Bengali dessert for scorching summer.   

I love all varieties, but the mango pudding ruled my heart.

4.    Lassi

Lassi being one of the famous drinks that cools the system during the summer months. Lassi is a yogurt based cool drink which is very popular in North India.

In Northern India in summer guests are treated to a cool glass of lassi either sweet and salty!

5.    Piyush
This is a smooth and creamy beverage popular in the Maharashtrian cuisine. To make this exotic drink tastier and more delicious keep it for a day in the refrigerator.

Since it is made with yogurt, it serves as a coolant when taken in Summer.     

Happy Cooking!


This looks great when served in pineapple shells and will certainly put you in the holiday mood.


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