5 Most Delicious Spring Special Recipes

Welcome warmer weather with these fresh spring recipes. Enjoy the fresh flavours of the season!

1.    Prawn Spring Rolls
Prawn Spring rolls are little parcels of a savory stuffing made with vegetables and prawns, encased in a wrapper and deep fried until the exterior is crisp and golden brown.

This tasty spring rolls are perfect for a party! Trust me kids will love it!

2.    Spring Onion Pancakes
A spring onion pancake is a Chinese savoury breakfast or anytime snack. Chewy, flaky, and savory, these are pan fried flat breads that have been stuffed with just the right amount of spring onions greens and served with a flavourful dipping sauce.  

Unlike the Western pancakes, these are made from dough instead of batter, very much like the Indian paranthas.

3.    Spring Roll Pizza Sticks

These spring roll pizza sticks are slight twist to traditional spring roll recipe. These are perfect as a tea snack or for a weekend brunch or a dinner to accompany a bowl of delicious soup or noodles. These flaky spring rolls also go perfectly well with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

For the kids, make this with paneer and vegetable filling in an Indian style as I prefer to keep them away from soya sauce. Cauliflower, beans, broccoli, spinach and potato can also be used.

4.    Veg Spring Rolls with Sweet and Sour Sauce 

Vegetable spring rolls is a classic Chinese snack which is made of wrappers filled with stir fried vegetables like carrots, beans, cabbage, mushrooms and soy sauce.

It is delicious snack made from crunchy vegetables and it tastes best with a cup of tea or coffee!

5.    Pasta with Olives Spring Onions and Capsicum
Penne pasta is cooked with a variety of vegetables like yellow capsicum, tomatoes, spring onions, olives and flavoured with Italian seasoning and red pepper flakes for heat.   

A wonderful Pasta with spring onion that will make your day!  

Happy Cooking!


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