5 Easy Indo-Chinese Snacks Recipes

Indo- Chinese cuisine is a combination of Chinese dishes with Indian spices and techniques with all viggies to make it colourful. With all the goodness of different veggies and different flavours try these mouth-watering Indo-chinese snacks and make your evenings tastier!

1.    Corn Rolls

Corn Rolls are gently small rolls with fillings of corn either fried or baked till crispy and golden brown. This is an oriental filling tantalite and tickle your taste buds. This can be served as a tea time snack.

This Indo-chinese snack is very popular for it's spicy flavour yet easy to make, that you can enjoy as a snack or an appetizer.

2.    Schezwan Babycorn Hakka Noodles

Who doesn't like noodles right. Schezwan babycorn hakka noodles is a very easy Indo Chinese recipe prepared with noodles, vegetables and schezwan sauce as main ingredients and it is a fiery hot dish.

 This is a delicious recipe and trust me, kids will really love it!

3.    Chinese Pakoda

Who does not like to have something spicy and fried in the evenings? We generally end up going outside and buying something unhealthy to eat during this time. Chinese pakoda is an evening snack which is quick in preparation, easy in cooking, delicious in serving and healthy in eating.

On a rainy evening we all want of something crispy, crunchy and spicy, there is nothing perfect like a plate of steamy hot and crispy pakoda. 

4.    Spicy Chinese Pizza

Spicy Chinese Pizza is very spicy, and has everything that you will expect to see in a Chinese dish, from noodles and veggies to Schezuan and soya sauce, not to forget garlic.   

This pizza is sure to make a very exciting meal, as it uniquely blends Italian and Oriental cuisines!

5.    Crispy Schezwan Sandwich

What comes to your mind when I say sandwich? Chicken, tomato, cheese, veg sandwich. There are end numbers of sandwiches. Today I'll show you oriental twist sandwich called crispy schezwan sandwich.

And the best part is you can enjoyed this recipe any time of the day!

Happy Cooking!


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