5 Delicious Dips Recipes

Start your house parties with these easy appetizer recipes for dips. These appetizers are perfect for a small gathering! Chips and dip are the best entertainment foods to ever exist. So try these easy and delicious dips recipes and enjoy your snacks!
1.    French Onion Dip

Homemade French Onion Dip tastes absolutely incredible and it is also simple to make and . This is a great dip to liven up plain potato chips. Potato chips are extra yummy with this creamy onion dip.

This is awesome for evening snacks for kids or just a movie party at home with your friends.

2.    Baked Broccoli Parmesan Dip

Broccoli is known to be hearty and tasty vegetable which is rich in dozens of nutrients. It is said to pack the most nutritional punch of any vegetable. Baked Broccoli Parmesan Dip is a wonderfully hot and cheesy broccoli dip that will win your kid's heart.

It is the best combination of taste and health! The goodness of broccoli and yummy cheesy taste will make your snacks perfect!

3.    Cheese  Dip

Who doesn't like cheese? Specially when your cheese dip is gooey and tangy. This cheese dip, which can make almost anything taste better, is made with a combination of milk and flour to keep it light.

 It's absolutely awesome with veggies and nachos! So, try it with your next meal or at your next party!!  

4.    Jalapeno Dip

Make this delicious, 5-minute prep, jalapeno cheesy dip to barbeque, night-outs or movie parties. You can serve with bread, crackers, or chips. It is cheesy, creamy and amazing!

This is a delicious and easy to make dip that goes well with almost every snack. Try this recipe and add extra taste to your snacks!

5.    Mayonnaise

When you're out of mayonnaise, blend a batch of this Homemade Mayonnaise in under 1 minute. Mayonnaise is tasty and versatile that we can't avoid to revisit how simple it is to prepare at home.

It is one of the great basic sauces and one of the most popular condiments. So try this recipe to make this easy mayo for burger!!

Happy Cooking!


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