Banana Avocado Pancakes

Simply and delicious breakfast recipes which is packed with full of nutrients. The smooth batter of banana and avocados makes scrumptious pancakes...

Butter Milk Pancakes

Fluffy and delicate, all these pancakes need is butter and maple syrup to make any morning decidedly decadent.

Triple Chocolate Pancake

There is one thing in common with most kids…they LOVE pancakes but chocolate pancakes are even nicer!

Honey and Dates Pancakes

Go exotic for your brunch with this classic pairing of honey and dates.

Coffee Pancakes

Pancakes are light and fluffy, they soak up toppings really well and make a filling breakfast. If you like to start your day with a caffeine kick, try...

Apple and Oats Pancakes

A healthy and tasty breakfast of apple and oats pancakes.


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