Eggs on Tomato Sauce

Eggs are poached in a delicious tomato sauce, very easy to prepare, healthy and comforting food. It is usually served for breakfast or it’s perfect...

Cheese and Tomato Strata

In our busy life styles we generally forget to have breakfast right! Today I'll show you quick, easy and tasty breakfast dish called cheese and tomato...

Sweet Corn Fritters

Try adding other veggies for a healthy meat-free Monday meal!

Fried Deviled Eggs

Fried deviled eggs are one such appetizer which everyone will going to love this.

Egg in a hole

We all make all kinds of eggs for breakfast and tend to get bored, so today I’ll show you how to make an interesting way of egg.

Spanish Omelette

Spanish Omelette differ from French omelettes in that they are served flat and not folded over.

Egg and Onion Pie

This egg and onion pie will stifle the yawns after lunch but keep you satisfied till dinner as well. Feel free to add your own variations to this...

Egg Salad Sandwich

Super versatile, this classic egg salad is delicious served between two slices of toasted rustic wheat bread, stuffed into small tomatoes for an easy...

Baked beans with garlic...

Eggs are consider one of the most whole some food and perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Today I will show you how poached eggs and serve them...

Loaded Scrambled Eggs

Eggs aren't just for breakfast. Try these quick and healthy recipes that can be served morning, noon, and night. Start the day with low-carb,...


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