Potato Lollipops

Potato lollipop is a easy finger food for kids and also an evening snack or party appetizer. It is made from potatoes and served with ketchup.

Peanut Sauce

It is tasty and healthy dip or drizzle, and you can toss this savory peanut sauce with noodles, too.

Corn Rolls

Corn Rolls are gently small rolls with fillings of corn either fried or baked till crispy and golden brown.

Schezwan Babycorn Hakka...

Schezwan Babycorn Hakka Noodles is a fiery hot dish and is very easy Indo Chinese recipe.

Spicy Chinese Pizza

This pizza is sure to make a very exciting meal, as it uniquely blends Italian and Oriental cuisines!

Chinese Pakoda

On a rainy evening we all here of something crispy, crunchy and spicy there is nothing perfect like a plate of steamy hot and crispy pakoda.

Spinach and Mushroom...

These crispy rolls are stuffed with a delicious hearty filling of spinach and mushrooms. You can enjoy them as a snack or have them for a meal. It...

Shanghai Stir Fry Tofu...

If you’re looking for a nice wholesome vegetarian meal that not only tastes great but packed with proteins then this dish has it all. Carrot juliennes...

Veg Chow Mein

Glossy noodles tossed with veggies and all the classic condiments - soya sauce, celery, vinegar and chilli sauce. Veg Chow Mein is a favourite among...

Chinese Bhel

Mumbai’s favorite street food, the Bhel Puri, meets Oriental cuisine in this Indo-Chinese fusion dish. Instead of using puffed rice, we’ll use fried...


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