Ginger Capsicum Fried...

This rice is combination of ginger, garlic, capsicum and some sauces with rice.

Burnt Garlic Rice

Burnt Garlic Rice is one such recipe which has strong flavours of garlic.

Double Schezwan Bake

This is a complete meal itself and if you are Chinese lover, definitely you are going to love this.

Sprouts Fried Rice

It is easy, filling, healthy and delicious fried rice recipe.

Shanghai Fried Rice

Among all the Chinese dishes available in the restaurants allover India, fried rice is the clear favorite. This veggie loaded fried rice is best...

Paneer Fried Rice

This one variation of the traditional fried rice can be relished by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. You can easily whip up this fried rice any...

Sesame Honey Rice Balls

If you have some left over or excess rice in your fridge, then you can try making this Indo-Chinese appetizer. It’s very easy and quick to bring...

Seven Jewel Rice

Hello friends, today on Spice Box we will explore the Seven Jewel rice. Studded with 7 different ingredients like chicken, carrots and spinach, this...

Babycorn and Black Pepper...

A very popular Chinese dish, fried rice is not only loved by the Chinese, but many people world over. There are several ways to make it, some like it...

Pineapple Fried Rice

A very famous Chinese preparation is a fried rice. You can also give a twist adding some pineapples! Come, let's learn how to make some delicious and...


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