Stuffed Idlis

If you are bored have same plain idli then this is a recipe you must try. During the winter season this can one of the best way to yield best results...

Masale Idli

Every time you cook idlis, think of an extremely clever idea to please everyone with the masala idli.

Cheese Onion dosa

Since the combination of Cheese and Onions is globally famous, here is a recipe with the most amazing cheesy flavor. This recipe makes one healthy and...

Sweet Sugar Paratha

When it comes to stuffed paranthas, we imagine a satisfied tummy with a blissed smile on our face.

Chana Masala Dosa

It is the combination of these two that brings the breakfast level up a notch. We are blessed to have a recipe that includes these two different...

Sabbasige soppu spicy...

Dill leaves have less calories and no cholesterol. Hence it is suitable for people of all ages.

Rava Dosa

Rava dosa is a delectably crispy dosa that can be prepared instantly and it also a most popular South Indian breakfast recipes.

Set Dosa

When 2 or 3 dosas are piled on each other and eaten with sagoo or chutney, it is called set dosa. Set dosas are thick and spongy.

Carrot Dosa

Carrot dosa a colorful and healthy dosa for breakfast which can also be served for dinner as well.

Besan Dosa or...

This is a simple and easy dish which is prepared in almost all south Indian homes. A quick breakfast dish with mixed flour dosa. Besan dosa is an easy...


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