Methi Sprouts Poha

It increases your huger cycle for your day with the combination of rice flakes with methi and sporuts. Get healthy today!

Avalakki Oggarane

Breakfast is important for our health. In the morning rush one wonders what to prepare for breakfast.

Avarekalu Upma

During winter when Avarekai is available, we prepare avarekalu idli, hithakid avare, avarekalu nippattu, roti Dose, avarekalu upma and variety of...

Oats Upma

Oats upma is a one such dish which is easier yet healthier version of the plain old upma using oats.

Sabbaki Uppittu

Uppittu, is also called upma in the North. There are varieties of this, avarekal uppittu made with avarekal and the special sabbakki uppittu is made...

Goli Baje (Mangalooru...

Goli Baje is one of the popular snack in South Karnataka. It is also known as Mangalore Bajji. Bisi Bisi Goli baje is a default snack in all Mangalore...


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