Hesarybele Payasa

It is tasty, healthy and easy to prepare. This pudding can be eaten hot or cold.

Gasa Gase Payasa (Poppy...

Gasa gase payasa is one of the traditional South Indian sweet dish. This payasa is prepared by grinding grated  coconut and gasa gase (poppy seeds).

White Pumpkin Halwa

Pumpkin Halwa is a tasty and nutritious and this is a mouthwatering sweet that can be enjoyed with the main meal or as an evening snack.

Sabakki Payasa

Sabakki payasa is prepared from sabudana, milk, sugar and dry fruits. It is a dish that can eaten during vrats and at the breaking of fasts.

Shavige Payasa

On all festival and gatherings vermicelli pudding is an essential sweet dish. Vermicelli pudding is one such sweet which can be prepared in a very...


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