Sajjappa recipes is a Karnataka traditional recipe which is preferably prepare at the time of Gouri festival.


This rice flour laddoo tambittu unde recipe comes to you from the southern state of Karnataka. It is a festival special sweet recipe which is made as...

Coconut Ladoo

This recipe is so simple and easy that you can make this any day and store it. Enjoy these ladoos in every occasion!

Rava Ladoo

Rava ladoo is an easy dessert. A sweet dish filled with all goodness of dry fruits and raisins. It is believed that if you have one ladoo with a glass...

Khoa Kobari Peda

This khoa peda mixed with a tinge of coconut is the ultimate form of pleasure.

Rave Unde

Rave unde is one of the traditional sweet preparation of South India. It has is own special place in range of sweets.

Manohara Unde

It is a hard sweet which is made of Udhina bele, it can even be called a South Indian laddoo. We can add as many dry fruits as we want to increase the...

Doodh Peda

Peda is milk base product contains calcium and good for children. People with diabetes should avoid of its sugar content


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