Mughlai Chicken

One of the royal dishes is also a very difficult dishes, with the perfect balanced mixture of various flavors. So here we bring you one of the royal...

Coorg Chicken Fry

Basking in the flavours of garam masala and spices, this chicken curry is a must have for any food lover.

Koli Curry

It is the aroma that lingers hours after you are satisfied with a lot of servings of the Koli Curry.

Dum Ka Murgh

This is a special recipe for succulent chicken gravy that leaves an aroma you wouldn’t want to forget.

Gongura Chicken Curry

The best part about enjoying chicken is that its succulent taste gets blended well with any curry and gives you a memorable experience to relish.

Garlic Chicken

Chicken cooked in a garlic flavored sauce is the ultimate perfection combination that a chicken dish has reached.

Andhra style Kodi Vepudu

Andhra styled kodi vepudu is basically chicken prepared in a hot and succulently spicy manner. The curry is flavorsome and delicious, especially when...


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