Gobi Kheema

When veggie lovers crave for a tantalizing spicy dish, they are recommended to try the kheema for its masala bit.

Bhindi Palli Fry

There are different types of stuff people crave for which is exclusively made with Bhindi. Once tasted it in the Andhra masala, you wouldn’t ask for...

Bitter gourd Gojju

Most of us avoid eating bitter gourd due to its bitter taste, but it is known that bitter gourd has many health benefits.

Bendekai gojju

It is spicy, sweet n sour & blends beautifully with the stir fried okra.

Bendekai gojju (Lady...

Children doesn’t like bendekai but it improve memory power. Bendekai gojju / Bendekayi gojju is one of the Karnataka specialty. It is spicy, sweet and...

Menthya soppina kootu (...

Menthya soppina kootu is a healthy and tasty recipe. This is made with methi leaves, toor dal, carrot, potato and with some masala. Green leafy...

Nugge soppu Palya...

Drumstick leaves playa is a healthy and tasty recipe. To overcome the bitterness of drumstick leaves one has to add moongal.


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