Katachi Amti

Widely popular and invented from the region of Maharashtrian spices, Kolhapur, this curry can be enjoyed without any main ingredient.

Baby corn masala gravy

Try this simple recipe to create a mesmerizing recipe that leaves your tummy to a satisfied state.

Batata Bhaji

Batata Bhaji is the simplest and tastiest recipe created with potatoes.

Potato saagu

The potato saagu, commonly known as potato and tomato curry, is the most common and favorite dish any household opts for.

Perugu Punukulu

Made with all-purpose flour or a day old fermented batter or even rice flour and curd, the super tasty perugu punugulu is delicious anyway.

Cauliflower Pickle

Tangy is a flavor of life. It reflects in our food plate when we have pickles and salads at the side to add the tang to our food.

Lemon Gojju

Lemon gojju is a side dish which is prepared using whole lemons and this is interesting dish and also easy to prepare.

Puri Aloogadde Saagu

Potato is a staple vegetable used in one way or another every day like Potato-onion sambar, aloo bonda, palya etc. both children and adults are fond...

Avarekalu Saagu

During Avarekai (field beans) season we prepare dishes using avarekaalu as the main ingredient, namely upma, idli, nippattu, dosa and a variety of...

Capsicum Tambuli

Thambuli is a popular dish of Karnataka. It is nutritious and can be easily prepared. Eating Thambuli in summer helps to keep the body cool, however...


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