Ambat Chuka Bhaji

This hot and spicy recipe is one of the favourite recipes in Maharashtra

Ambadichi Amti

Tired of the same spinach recipes? Then this is the recipe you need!

Takatla Palak

Maharashtrian Spinach in Buttermilk curry recipe, delicious and easy to cook!

Green Gram, Pomegranate...

Although use of fresh fruits in cooking is very common Indian culinary practice, many people love to have fruits as is. But salads and juices are...

Kairichi Udad Methi

This is a very versatile curry of Maharashtra cuisine, which has an unique combination of flavours. So try this amazing recipe!

Kolhapuri Misal

This recipe is aptly called as misal, because in Marathi, misal means mixture.

Drumstick Amti

Amti is an important part of Maharashtrian meal and is the special way of preparing lentils or dal.


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